Cambridge forecast
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BBC Weather Forecast
Forecast for Cambridge.
Met Office
Forecast for Cambridge.
Forecast for Cambridge.

Local weather and conditions
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Cambridge Weather Snapshot and History
Temperature, rain since midnight, wind speed and direction, sun. Also historic data in graph form.
Pollution - Air Quality Data
Current levels of various air pollutants at sites round Cambridge.

UK and World forecasts
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BBC Weather
Forecast for the UK and the rest of the world.
Weather forecasts for up to a fortnight ahead.
Net Weather
UK current weather and forecasts.
Weather Online UK
Current weather in detail in UK and around the world. Includes oceans (for sailing).

Other websites
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Current Flooding Situation
Flood watches and warnings, from the Environment Agency.
Flooding and extreme weather
Information from Gov.UK
Watch that next hurricane build!
Forecast for next16 days in 3 hour timesteps. The jetstream has a strong influence on our weather.
Lightning Maps
Real time maps of lighting strikes.
Met Office Rainfall Animation
Animation of recent rainfall radar images. See the rain coming!
Met Office Weather Warnings
Warnings of extreme weather from the BBC, including floods, snow and gales.
Pollen Forecast
5 day forecast for UK.
Shipping Forecast
From Met Office. You can find out where the areas are.
Sunrise and Sunset in London
Plus information about the moon. Covers the rest of the world as well.
Tidal Information
High and low tides around the coast for the next few days.
UK Climate and Weather Statistics
From the Met Office.