Local council services
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Support for sight and hearing loss, and disabilities
Services provided by Cambridgeshire County council, covering physical disabilities, learning disabilities and autism.
Transport for those with a Disability
Help with transport for those with a disability, such as Blue Badge, Shopmobility, etc.

Local support organisations
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Cambridge Online
Training and support in IT for all, including people with disabilities.
Cambridgeshire Hearing Help (formerly CAMTAD)
Independent local charity based in Cambridge and Wisbech that supports people of all ages living with low vision and blindness.
Helping visually impaired people to lead an independent life.
Minibus service for those people with mobility problems.
Disability Cambridgeshire (formerly known as Directions Plus)
Includes searchable directory of local organisations, group, helplines and websites for people with disabilities.
Disability Huntingdonshire (known also as DISH)
Provides information, advice and advocacy (e.g. on benefits and entitlements) to people with disabilities in the Huntingdonshire area.
Phoenix Trust Milton
Charity that provides supported work experience to young people and adults with special educational needs and or behavioral issues.
Pidley Mountain Rescue
Provides support to maintain independence and improve quality of life for disabled and disadvantaged people within Huntingdonshire.
Cambridgeshire charity with projects providing leisure, educational and work opportunities for people with disabilities.
People with learning disabilities can learn art and craft skills and making works of art at the same time as having fun and meeting people.
Works with people who are vulnerable or marginalised to raise their voices and have their rights respected.

General disability websites
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Benefits & Allowances for people with disabilities
Information about available government allowances and benefits.
Disabled Workers Co-operative
Matching customers with a local disabled person who is able to provide that product or service.
Links to health websites, including mental health.
National Railcards
16-25, Family and Friends, Senior, Disabled Persons and Network railcards.

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Age UK Online Shop
Products for mobility and independent living.
Bee Mobile
Sells mobility scooters and other equipment for the elderly. In Seymour Street.
Disabled Living Foundation
Information on disability equipment.