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2021/10/09 - Mill Road Saturday

2021/10/16 - Cambridge Town and Gown 10K Run for Muscular Dystrophy

2021/10/17 - Cambridge Half Marathon

2021/11/06 - Mill Road Saturday

2021/11/17 - Cambridge Literary Winter Festival Online

2022/11/01 - Cambridge Natural History Conversazione

2021/11/18 - Cambridge Film Festival

2021/12/04 - Mill Road Saturday

2022/12/24 - Nine Lessons and Carols at Kings Chapel

2022/03/19 - Thriplow Daffodil Weekend

2022/04/02 - Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition

2022/05/09 - Pint of Science

2022/05/23 - Camra Beer Festival

2022/06/16 - Cambridge Rock Festival

2022/07/09 - Shelford Feast

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2021/09/31 - October Fest concerts

2021/12/12 - Anglian Potters Online Exhibition

2023/01/03 - The North Pole ink rink

2022/04/10 - Cambridge University Festival

2022/07/31 - Open Studios

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ADC Theatre

Arts Picture House

Arts Theatre

Concert Hall in West Road

Corn Exchange


Mumford Theatre

The Light

The Corpus Playroom

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Vue Cinema (formerly Warner Village Cinema)

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2021/11/?? - Camra Winter Beer Festival

2021/11/?? - Cambridge Jazz Festival

2021/11/?? - The Big Switch On (of Xmas lights)

2021/11/?? - Bookfair, with second hand and antiquarian booksellers and map dealers

2022/02/?? - John Hughes Arts Festival

2021/02/?? - Twilight at the Museums

2021/02/?? - Snowdrop Run featuring MGs

2022/03/?? - Cambridge Music Festival

2022/03/?? - Cambridge Children's Literary Festival

2022/04/?? - Cambridge Literary Festival

2022/05/?? - Cycle Ride from Cambridge to Reach Fair

2022/05/?? - Cambridgeshire County Show

2022/05/?? - Ely Eel Festival

2022/06/?? - Wimpole History Festival

2022/06/?? - Strawberry Fair

2022/06/?? - Arbury Carnival

2022/06/?? - Chesterton Festival

2022/06/?? - Singing on the River

2022/06/?? - Midsummer Fair

2022/07/?? - Isle of Ely Arts Festival

2021/06/?? - Cambridge Prid